• Vijaysar Herbal Tumblr is an amazing formula. I had my issues with joints. My Knee joint was very weak and used to create problem for me while walking and even in sitting on floor. Then my One Indian Friend suggested me to use Vijaysar Herbal Tumblr. And now I can say everyone should use this product. It is just awesome Magic of Indian Aurveda.



  • I am suffering from diabetes from past 6 years and till now I have not got any treatable medicine for that. I have started using This Vijaysar Herbal Wood Blocks from only 2 months now and I have improved my situation. Sugar levels get dropped and my health has also improved. I think it’s a worth product and I liked it. If you are suffering the same then please try this. It really works.



  • I am a diabetic person and had extreme sugar levels. Then my neighbor told me about Vijaysar Herbal wood Tumbler and I bought it for me. I am using it from 7 months now and I have gained a lot. I am not taking any medicine for sugar. I have gained energy levels that earlier reached so low that I didn't have the power to walk for few minutes.

    Dilip Modi


  • Accepted. Every memberknows thatdiabeties is not a diseases but curable there r so much way to prevent BS . Sothe tumbler or any vessels cannot cure. It is only advertisement from the companies or distributors to selltheir products In India this type of cunning is more and more .



  • Vijaysar Tumbler is really a fantastic product. I am using it from past five months and have recovered my sugar levels. I had tried many things to for my problem but nothing has given me such a relief. I advice all diabetic patients to have it at least once and you will definitely like it.



  • don't know in depth about which wood type but i learned that it is indian kino tree wood. i've not changed the glass till now but it is mentioned when color of water stopped changing red then new glass shall purchased. i can only say it worked for me believing on my personal experience is your choice. it's effect is slow but for long time and continuity plays major role.



  • i am not here for selling or any promotion i've share my experience which i feel benefited me and i thought more and more people should know about it. and ordered 2 pack for my mother because she is suffering from diabetes .But after using herbal woodglass daily, her diabetes become normal. Really very effective. Really its worked


    Pune (maharashtra)

  • I can't thank you Very Much for Diabetic Glass. My glucose has Falldouwn after I used Vijaysar Herbal Wood Tumbler since 1 month but 100% Removed,

    Rachel Streater